Daphne X & Diana Bogucka

Audiovisual Performance, DEEP SOUND OPERA, Friday Night, Soundact 2
Friday Night, 01:30 h

we invite you

is a descent

to a mythical world, where information wanders freely, while bodies are being processed,
sluiced, dried out, classified, extracted, and commodified.

How much in common does the flesh have to the stone?
How much in common does data have with the soul?
How much in common does downwards have with inwards?

is an imaginary sonic~chthonic, tex~ctonic, vis~rtual journey to the
bubbling center of the earth
but also;
a submersion to the inner worlds of one’s own.

Daphne Xanthopoulou (she, them) is a sound artist, curator, radio host and new media artist of Anatolian Greek descent, currently studying at the Interface Cultures MA, in Linz, Austria. She blends analogue, instrumental, environmental and digital sound, to navigate through an eclectic universe of heterogeneous influences that span from club music and musique concrete to folk and church music, creating atypical compositions that challenge the listener and push towards new aesthetic forms. Working through performance, podcast, and installation, she uses the medium of sound and speculative fiction to examine the relationships between human and non-human agencies, new materialities and communal healing.