disturbance, de: configuration

Friday Night, 00:00 h

The realities: socio-political, biological, and technological are at the point of departure at any given time. What constitutes the very current is the working of the forces of history through spacetime, temporarily congealed as a set of variables, characterized by different levels of mutability. This set of variables, connected through the non-linear curves of relationship, form a net of interdependencies, read as a CONFIGURATION. The change can be introduced through different means. Modification of the relationships between the elements is an act of reconfiguration. Reconfigurative, analogically to the recreative process lacks the creative force that innovates and activates new virtualities. The dream of change can only be realized through a disruptive project that acts not only by rearrangement but also by subtraction and addition. Disturbance, de: configuration is a collective exercise that uses the traces of the recognizable, mixed with the imaginary, to create an alternative vision of the future, that is both compelling and alleviating.

Ybalferran is a moniker of the Austria-based sound artist Blażej Kotowski. The project’s aesthetics ebb and flow between the territories of drone, neoclassical, and noise. Blending a texturally rich collection of droning synths with the soothing subtlety of field recordings, Ybalferran delivers experimental soundscapes of intimacy, designed to caress. His music was released through imprints like Berlin’s Vaagner / Vaknar, Antwerp’s Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere., USA-based Trust Collective, and Vilnius’ Amulet Of Tears.