Saturday Night, 03:30 h

droehn is an audiovisual live-performance that explores tensions between autonomy and loss of control through sound, bodily gestures and language, through physical and digital space. A bass guitar is used as echo chamber and sound generator, creating low frequency drones and noisy textures that warp time and space. Fragments of spoken word appear, get submerged into the drain. The visuals reflect words back into themselves, a screen meditating on its own pixels. The drone speaks for and from itself, from the given circumstances. Not everything that happens is under control.

akasha is the electronic project of Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka, Graz-based musician and sound artist. Besides her multifaceted artistic activities, she specializes in contemporary composed, improvised and electronic music and sound art. She is a founding member of Schallfeld (Graz), and likes to work in interdisciplinary collaborations involving theatre, performance / dance, media and literature. She constantly seeks to create new sounds and interactions between her instrument, body, voice and space. Her compositions for radio and film have been featured at Datscha Radioart festival Berlin, Diagonale Austria, Radio Art Zone (LUX) and soundartradio (UK). https://attraverso.bandcamp.com