Apephonie Productions

Low Tech Drum Carousel feat. Noize Punk Performance. 120% Analog.
Saturday Night, 23:00 h

Kreishell is a declaration of love to gyroscopy! A DIY-LOW-TECH-SPECTACLE! A working tool of a special kind. One of the largest analog DRUM-Machines in the world drives a Noize Punk Performance and a malt mill for beer production in the form of a carousel. Long live the cycles! DON'T WASTE ENERGY!!!

After the world premiere of KREISHELL at STWST this year, the infernal machine is back in use. In the form of a performance, two handfuls of daredevil bike punks and noize heads provoke a dynamic of circling madness ex machina with their tireless circles and their dark instrumental soundscape. An audio-physical homage to the unquenchable hunger for energy of the industrial affluent society.

The Kreishell installation is an act in its own right, but - in various stages of its construction and dismantling - it is also a space-filling stage for the other acts of the DEEP SOUND OPERA.

A Coproduction of STWST and Apephonie Productions.

Apephonie Productions: Since 2009 films, machines, music, labs, performance & installations can be found in the interdisciplinary works of the DIY multipurpose label. TRASH LOVES TRASH : Garbage becomes gold and gold becomes garbage. With: Ape Lee, Tuti, Johnny Geiger, Electric Ray, Krishan, Linsky Drop, Rosa Angora, Kaiserin Sissy, taro, Alice.