Siren Aria

Friday Night, 03:00 h

“Technoid patterns, fed with noise elements” is how Lisa Schneider (radio FM4) described the song DUST by Sara Trawöger aka Abrupt, released shortly before, in July last year. In March 2019 she celebrated her first gig at SSTR6 in Vienna, where her first loop tape via House was released. She elaborates most of her sounds from various field recordings, which can often be located near construction sites in the broadest sense. By de-placing and electronically embedding of the recordings, the music allows alternative spaces of connectedness to emerge. A recurring motif in her tracks is also the sound of the wailing siren in Upper Austria on a Saturday, which is partly fragmented and alienated, pointedly woven into a bass landscape. The live set of Abrupt - supported by distorted guitar and brittle voice - lets the audience drift gently into the underground.

Abrupt alias Sara Trawöger (*1992, Linz) is studying for a Master's degree in Applied Theater Studies in Giessen and a Master's degree in Timebased Media at the University of Art and Design in Linz. In 2018, the drummer of La Sabotage went on tour with her bandmates and their first joint album FEST. Now she dedicates herself to her solo project Abrupt in which noisy sounds overlay defined rhythms and performed so far in Germany, Austria and Sweden. In 2021, her music-performance-film SIE LEIDEN LIEBER STUMM premiered at the Künstlerhaus Mousonturm. Currently she is working on an elaboration of the music-performance VERDACHTSFLÄCHE ALTLAST and produces music and sound design of various theater performances in Austria and Germany.

https://soundcloud.com/abruptchannel, https://fm4.orf.at/stories/3004893/, https://www.dorftv.at/video/33470, https://www.fro.at/sara-trawoeger-auf-der-suche-nach-klaengen/

Bildcredit: Merthe Wulf