when youre awake all night - thats who you are

Saturday Night, 00:30 h

when your awake all night  -  thats who you are
Layered sounds and voices conjour a thrilling dramaturgy from start to finish throughout their whole set. An ecstatic rhythmic composition carries the egozero love for pop and psychedelic tunes thereby moving the crowd and themselves closer and closer to the present moment

EGOZERO. Since 2016 the duo has been working with collective OKABRE in the field of live film scores and experimental music. As they move in and out of trip-hop, industrial und psychedelic techno. Supported by the cargoblast mastermind HoC they are provided with samples and beats augmenting their own creations. Born out of the desire to weave abstract soundscape into catchy pop oriented electronic tunes the duo has been shifting their gears around vintage drum machines and electric guitar and vocal effects since the early 2020ies.
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