Davide Bevilacqua & Onur Olgaç (servus.at)
Conversation: Challenging Workflows & Exploring Self-Hosting

Conversation: Challenging Workflows & Exploring Self-Hosting
1. Floor Foyer / Sat, 11:00 -13:00 Uhr
Exhibited Self-Hosting Server
Ground Floor / Continuous

Since 25+ years servus.at has been managing self-hosted infrastructure and questioning the technological layers below the surface of the web. Criticizing mainstream platform and rethinking the web means addressing and unpacking these layers; it requires appropriating and shaping deeper layers in the network in order to provide reliable and independent tools for artists and activists.

In this session the servus.at team offers a presentation with discussion about the practices to encourage cultural practitioners, individuals as well as organizations, to build a F/LOSS-first & anti-GAFAM workflow.
How can one abandon used workflows and adopt a more sustainable way of working with others? What are the difficulties, the dependencies and the bad old habits that stop us? Where to start?
The conversation is enriched by the presentation of a proof-of-concept of community infrastructure running on an obsolete-yet-working piece of hardware, as well as an overview about self-hosting communities and F/LOSS practices and philosophies.

A text on this topic by Davide Bevilacqua appeared in Versorgerin 135: Water striders on networks

Davide Bevilacqua is a media artist and a curator interested in network infrastructures and technological activism, as well as in curatorial and artistic research about the framework conditions in which artistic practice is presented and transmitted to the audience. His actual topics of research are the environmental impact of technology and internet sustainability, digital greenwashing practices and platform capitalism. Davide coordinates servus.at cultural program since 2018. http://www.davidebevilacqua.com/, https://core.servus.at/

Onur Olgaç. Currently sharpening his artistically charged self-hosting skills as a sysadmin at servus.at, Onur Olgaç pursued his BSc. in Computer Science with an extensive involvement in Visual Communication Design. He started to focus on human perception and decision making processes in interaction design and the politics surrounding technology within artistic contexts as part of his MA degree, while actively fighting against digital oppression and for his right to privacy. https://onurolgac.com