entitate luzitransis [№ I+II]

light is the law = darkness under will
1. stock foyer / continuous (except night hours from 01:00 – 08:00)

trans/illuminating/radiant : light-eater/lightbearer
[micro]organic : structures – relics - creatures
through darkness in light:
[bio]luminescence – illuminated[after]glowing – transforming/essentialized through light

in the closed cube locus lux ludens, a place for playful experimentation with light, two artistic positions are presented that turn specifically to the phenomenon of phosphorescence/(chemo-)luminescence and explore the state of light, whether “passive” (= illuminated) or “active” (= self-luminous), in different ways. the second work in the cube is Luminophorium, Prototype 1.0.

taro klemens knopp (at), working, observing, researching, experimenting, playing [with] the fringes of science, art, politics, life, realities,.. dealing with living organisms – especially fungi – as a medium of art. also co-founder of messschiff eleonore, willy*fred houseproject / habiTAT mietshäuser syndikat, MyceliumNetworkSociety…