ƒ!№, oibυɒǝɈυm
Generative Void

Frequential Tremors
Basement / Continuous (except night hours 01:00 - 08:00)

Ancient Greek myths placed chaos, the void, at the beginning of the creation of the world, from which earth (Gaia), night (Nyx), the depths beneath the earth (Tartarus), darkness (Erebos) and desire (Eros) emerged in succession - followed a generation later by heaven (Uranos), mountains (Ourea) and the sea (Pontos). These original entities were at once conceived as personified deities & as what they represented. Dozens of stories full of incest, deceit, castration, battle and murder later, not only air (Aither) and day (Hemera) had been created, but also the Titans, various monstrosities, nature spirits, the Olympian deities and finally humans. Greek mythology did not know a linear development from the beginning to the end of the world - but cyclical processes.
The installation Generative Void uses a recitation of Hesiod's Theogony (700 BCE), one of the oldest texts, in which the history of origins outlined above is described. In the cellar, the cyclicylity of this narrative is represented by a multi-channel sound installation. The recitative flow of speech allows associations with a canon: The rhythms, always circling in the flow of phonetics, develop dynamics, that overlap, modulate, and transform. The chaos of the creation of the world spirals as an acoustic helix to devour its origins anew again and again.

By ƒ!№ (building of the spring-reverb system) and oibυɒǝɈυm (speech):
ƒ!№ started to DJ and play electronic music on various instruments in the late 90s. But as playing records and experimenting with sound was not enough, he started to promote concerts, which he did in the Stwst for over a decade. Now he is a student at the master program of post digital Lutherie where he researches the where, what und why around sound. For Generative Void he invited oibυɒǝɈυm to produce the acoustic content, who selected and narrated the text.