Tanja Brandmayr
Ich häng mir die Welt um / I hang the world around me

4 Text Panels & SF-Exploitation on the Net
Basement Door, Baesement Stairs / Continuous (except night hours from 01:00 – 08:00)

Four text panels telling in a short SF narrative of the departure from Earth and the failure of terra-forming on the new planet. A picture fragment that circles around itself in a residual orbit of self-knowledge.

In an undefined departure and descent, and with remnants of meaning and textual references we move away from a World as we know it. We breathe in contradictions. The overall context as organ of thought, syntax beyond language, perception as transformed and pulsed rhythm, understanding as a disconnected connection: In a technologized and rationalized world, catastrophes are looming, while people are entangled in pseudo-fights and confronted with EVERYTHING in daily life and also on foreign planets. It becomes more and more difficult to make sense at all. What to do?
I'm Hanging the World Around me is part of the Science Fiction Exploitation Nik.
A work-in-progress project, created as a pulsed text on the web.
https://stwst.at/nik/#minus2, https://stwst.at/nik/#minus4
https://stwst.at/nik/#minus6, https://stwst.at/nik/#minus8

A text on STWST48x8 DEEP by Tanja Brandmayr has been published in Versorgerin 135:
Everything is connected. The material screams (only german)

Tanja Brandmayr (AT) is artist and writer and has been working for many years and in different contexts between text, media, staging and art. Art and context research Quasikunst in cooperation with STWST. Also editor and author for art and culture magazines. Lives in Linz/Austria. More to Quasikunst.