Špela Petrič
Multiplication of Hagay

Workshop Station and Forest Walk / Forking Hagay Dreaming
Workshop Station: Maindeck / Continuous
Forest-Walk: Fri, 9. Sept, 10:45-16:00

To break a constraining frame can be to multiply, recombine, to grow with excess. In the parareality imagined in the artwork Deep Phytocracy: Feral Songs (2018), the so-called anarchetypes proliferate relations to plants with exuberance. In the proposed forest walk Multiplication of Hagay, the Phytocracy anarchetypes resonate and fork into Hagay Dreaming so that the two fictions refract with the creatures of the forest floor. The premise of the walk is to shift perspective and give attention to the humus sapiens and the vegetal realm. During the forest walk we follow the trails of plant compulsions, which we discern with meticulous apparatuses. While perplexingly simple, the tools invite us to embody anarchetypes’ visions, alienating us briefly from our own notions of planthood and to encounter the plants anew.We depart from the perspective of western scientific knowledge and gradually, as we walk across the land-scape, release our obsession with fact to speculate ex-static relations between plants, fungi and animals. As the epistemes are rehearsed to later be released, the walk also reflects a process of un-learning and re-yearning. The closeness of forest bodies keeps the tension and aids the process-methodology aimed at sidestepping logocentrism and preparing the terrain for verdant growth.

“Join the expedition into the parareality of the Tethys Sea@Plesching”
Meeting point: 10.45 on Friday 9.6. in front of STWST
Return: between 3 and 4 pm to STWST
Bring: walking shoes and weather appropriate clothes, lunch (don't forget beverage), sketchbook and pencil
Accessibility: we will be walking in the forest, a little bit uphill

Multiplication of Hagay is a fork of HAGAY DREAMING.

Špela Petrič is a Slovenian new media artist with a background in the natural sciences. Her artistic practice combines biomedia practices and performativity to enact strange relations between bodies that reveal the underpinnings of our (bio)technological societies and propose alternatives. https://www.spelapetric.org/

taro klemens knopp (at), working, observing, researching, experimenting, playing [with] the fringes of science, art, politics, life, realities,.. dealing with living organisms – especially fungi – as a medium of art. also co-founder of messschiff eleonore, willy*fred houseproject / habiTAT mietshäuser syndikat, MyceliumNetworkSociety…