Mascha Illich, Natalia Shepeleva, Sara Mlakar
Trümmer / Debris

Audiovisual Installation
House Gap / Continuous (except night hours from 01:00 - 08:00)

Sound performance at the installation:
Ground floor / Sun, 15:00

i have an analog camera around my neck. the guide in the bus shows us the geiger counter. he wears a stick on his neck. when the stick is full, he has to leave. the zone is gray. there are controls, especially when leaving the zone. the forest is red. when it burns, it is dangerous. we look at the village houses. in one there is a woman's doctor's chair, in the other children's beds. on the way, there is a toy car. we eat lunch. the food is good. the walls are poison green. outside there are stray dogs. i take photos. the trees grow through asphalt. in the department store there are no walls. i wonder if you will see anything at all in photos. at the end we look at the amusement park. at a giant bike cabin the geiger counter goes crazy. the guide is very enthusiastic and the details numerous. on the way back they show us a film about wolves. the next day i feel bad. i have headaches and have to throw up.
i buy light bulbs on willhaben. i build small reactors out of them. they are made of plastic, packaging, concrete, tape. they are called egg pack 30s or avocado. or illich. then i invent metal feet. they look like old lanterns. on the weekends we meet in spite of corona for noise jamming. sara, natalia and me. i want to connect my lamps with sound.

Mascha Illich was born in Kiev, lives and works in Linz. Working media: sculpture, sound. Trümmer / Debris, 2021, is an audiovisual installation by Mascha Illich.

The sound of the installation was developed by trial#1. trial#1 was created in 2019 and consists of three artists: Natalia Shepeleva (RU), Masha Illich (UA) and Sara Mlakar (SI). Together with Gabriela Gordillo they founded the Noise Meetup Linz in 2019, a meeting place for noise jams, workshops and performances., Newsletter signup: